How can I reserve the meeting room?

Meeting Room Policy Statement

The Hood County Library’s Jeanell Morris Meeting Room (hereafter known as the “Meeting Room”) has the primary purpose of supporting the Library’s programming and library-related activities that further the Library’s Mission, Goals and fundraising. The Library and Library-related organizations are considered to be primary users and these include the Library Board, the Library Foundation Board and Friends of the Library. Primary users will receive first priority for scheduling the use of the Meeting Room. This use will include Library programming activities and conducting the business of Library-related groups. All other groups are designated as secondary users and may use the Meeting Room on a non-priority first request basis. It is the intent that primary users are not impeded by secondary public users when reservations are made. The Meeting Room is not intended as a regular meeting space for secondary user groups and the Procedures listed below must be followed.

Meeting Room Procedures:

• The Library encourages secondary room use for civic, educational, cultural and informational purposes by non-profit organizations and must not be used for promotional (commercial) uses, sales of any fundraising products or services, partisan political or religious activities, personal use or social functions, or by
for-profit groups;
• Eligibility for secondary users will be established at the Library by the President or Authorized Representative who must verify their identity, the identity and nature of the group and the intended activity in the room and complete a Reservation Form;
• This person must read the Policy Statement & Procedures and sign a Meeting Room Agreement ensuring the group as a whole will follow these Procedures and also, hold the County harmless from and against any and all losses, expenses, demands and claims made against the County arising in any manner from such group’s use of the Library facilities;
• Reservations must be made at least seven days prior to the desired date, are not automatically renewable and may not exceed more than one meeting per month with NO STANDING RESERVATIONS PERMITTED;
• Reservations will not be made unless the Library staff is provided enough information to determine that intended meeting activities would not constitute commercial promotion or sales and any of the prohibited aforementioned activities;
• Equipment, supplies or personal belongings cannot be stored or left in the Library or the Meeting Room before or after use;
• Chairs and tables in the Meeting Room must be set up and put away by each group using the room since the Library does not provide staff or material to aid in the set up or clean up of the room;
• Each group must furnish their own supplies and equipment, including copies;
• Program attendance must be limited to 80 with the seating arrangement done in a way that will provide clear access to all exits;
• Meetings must take place within the scheduled hours of Library operation unless the Library Director or a delegated staff member approves an alternate schedule at least one week prior to the requested date;
• The organization, its leadership, and the responsible person on the Reservation Form must assume all responsibility for any cleaning, repairs or damage to the room and its contents, including the costs to clean or repair damages;
• No smoking, consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages, or activities that violate Federal, State or local laws and ordinances will be allowed;
• Decorations, including candles or other flammable products, are not permitted and nothing may be attached to the walls or ceiling without the approval of the Library Director or other designated Library staff;
• Adults attending meetings, who bring children under seven years of age, must keep their children with them while in the building;
•  Any older children brought by meeting participants must follow Library rules listed in the “Parent-Child/Unattended Children” Policy and if the Library staff must correct these children repeatedly, they will be sent into the Meeting Room to join the adult or caregiver who is responsible for them;
• Programs held in the Library must be free and open to the public with no charge for attendance attached to any function and the Library reserves the right to have a member of its staff in attendance at any meeting held in the Library facility or on its property;
• If fees are collected for materials used as part of a “class” or collected for membership in the group, the fees must be collected in a section of the Meeting room away from the entrance to not discourage attendance by nonmembers;
• When the meeting ends, the number of participants must be given to Library staff;
• Since Library-related functions are given first priority, reservations made previously MAY BE CANCELLED AT ANY TIME if the Meeting Room is needed;
• Failure to comply with this Policy and its procedures will result in the loss of privileges to use this Meeting Room and may also result in other action deemed appropriate by Hood County administrators.