Can I order a book from another library (Interlibrary Loan)?

It is the policy of the Hood County Library to assist its patrons in seeking certain items/materials not available in this library. This library offers Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services by requesting the loan of items from other libraries on behalf of the patron.

Interlibrary Loan Policies:

1. Patrons must have an account in good standing for 3 months before being allowed to request materials from the ILL service unless pre-approval is given by the ILL staff.
2. Patrons must have all pertinent and accurate information for requested materials.
3. Requests must be made by filling out an ILL form, one request per form.
4. The average time it takes for arrival of a request can be from one week to a month or more.
5. Popular fiction movies will not be requested; if a special circumstance exists, check with ILL staff.
6. The due date is set by the lending library not the Hood County Library.
7. If a request is unable to be filled the first time, the item is requested a second or third time. If this attempt is unsuccessful, the patron is notified that the item is unavailable.
8. The patron will be called or emailed when the requested item arrives.
9. If the request is a book it will be placed on the reserve shelf for pick-up when it arrives. If a request is microfilm it will be placed in the ILL Return box until the patron arrives to use it. If the request is a photocopy, it will be placed in the ILL Request box on the wall to await pick-up.
10. Patron will check out the item at the circulation desk confirming the agreement to abide by copyright laws and adhere to ILL policies and to return items when due.
11. Renewals are generally not available. Patron can make another request for the item after it is turned in if the lending library refuses renewals.
12.  Patrons are limited to 3 requests at a time.
13.  No new requests will be made if the patron has overdue ILL materials. The patron’s library account must be in good standing to request items.
14.  Patrons are responsible for all damages and lost items.
15.  Lists of future requests will NOT be kept for patrons by library staff.
16.  It is requested that patrons resort to ILL service only if the local collection has been exhausted. It is a misuse of the service to request more than what is needed.
17. The patron will be charged $2.00 for any ILLs not picked up by the due date to cover postage costs.
18. Service will be discontinued if patron does not comply with Hood County Library and ILL policies.