Reviews for Code of courage

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This solid thriller from Cantore (Breach of Honor) finds Det. Danni Grace, a 15-year veteran of the La Rosa, Calif., PD, and her fellow officers trying to quell a mob angered by the fatal police shooting of a young mother in neighboring L.A. 48 hours earlier. Witnesses saw the woman aiming a gun at the officer, but a lie went viral that the victim was unarmed. After Danni is knocked out by a piece of concrete thrown by a rioter, she takes a leave of absence. Unnerved by the widespread hostility against police, she considers a career change, but she can’t resist trying to help exonerate a colleague after a doctored video shows him shooting a community activist dead. The case reunites Danni with her ex-husband, Gabe Fox, formerly of the La Rosa PD who’s now an investigator for the city prosecutor, and together they discover some powerful people behind the unrest threatening the very existence of La Rosa’s police force. That Gabe still cares about Danni lends an undercurrent of romance to the intriguing plot. This timely police procedural from a 22-year veteran of the Long Beach, Calif., police satisfies. (July)